The Vendor Village

at The Middletown Music Festival, Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Road, Middletown, CT!

We support LOCAL! Come wander the vendor village for unique handmade crafts, handmade soaps, jewelry, clothing and more…

 handcrafted by John Philbin

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 Visit his online store here
John Philbin

Fox Run Leather Designs

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handmade by Marsha Tate-Donnell
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handcrafted jewelry 

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Visit online: neri handcrafted jewelry here:

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 Wine Consultant Wined – Pamela Frank-Hall, Independent Wine Consultant

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Traveling Vineyard

Wine Guide

We Are Still Accepting Vendors

For Information call Kimberly
(860) 716-0028

Mail checks payable to:
Jennifer Shafer C/o Kimberly Kelly Rosenblatt
at 54 Riverview Street,
Portland CT 06480.

The 5th Annual Middletown Music Festival, August 5-7, 2016!

Let’s welcome back, Robert C. Fullerton!

The 5th Middletown Music Festival RAIN or SHINE

at Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Road, Middletown, CT.

Visit our event page on FB here: The 5th Annual Middletown Music Festival 


There will be vendors, a beer tasting, games, lots of dancing, and knocker balls too! Fun for the whole family!!


“Whenever I’m asked what style of music I play, I’m at a bit of a loss. Although my voice seems to lend itself to the blues, I don’t necessarily sing the blues…but I do tend to add a touch of jazz and blues to every song I perform. This stands true whether I’m singing my own tunes, or interpreting someone else’s.”

For more information on Robert C. Fullerton CLICK HERE

LIVE and LOCAL… this is one GREAT festival!!

Supported by a grant by the MCA



with support from Middlesex Community College


and WESU 88.1FM, Middletown!


The Vendor Village at The Middletown Music Festival, August 5-7

Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Road, Middletown, CT.

AWP-002   We love local!! 
Friday August 5, 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Saturday August 6, 11:00 AM -10:00 PM
and Sunday August 7, 10:00 AM– 7:30 PM
CALLING Crafters /Direct Vendors, and Food Trucks (food vendors must show insured and licensed in Middletown, CT)
$100.00 for weekend until June 30,2016
Effect July 1, 2016 price is $125.00
Rain or Shine / Inside Facility Available in case of rain.. / No Refunds / No Electricity unless inside.
For Information call(860)716-0028 Kimberly Or Email

Mail checks payable to Jennifer Shafer

C/o Kimberly Kelly Rosenblatt at 54 Riverview Street, Portland CT 06480

Please contact us in the form provided below for more details!

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Join us at The Buttonwood Tree, on Sunday, April 17, from 3-5PM. A Benefit for Cocomo Rock

605 Main Street, Middletown, CT

Cocomo Rock







How surreptitiously moves the maw of time
To consume one’s tenderest years.
First grade bells and first pierced ears
So soon whisked away, in uncharted flight.

Oh, that my little loves might linger.
Those kindly fictions I would implore
To stand guard against encroaching fear
As hale foliage fades, falls—
And warmth full forsakes this fragile light.

Too soon – frail flickers, all
Slip so swiftly thus, into silent night!

Copyright©2013 Cocomo Rock

All rights reserved.

Join us at The Buttonwood Tree on Sunday, April 17, from 3-5PM.

“In selfless service to others, Cocomo has put both his hands and his heart to work, supporting his belief in the power of indiscriminate, pure human kindness. He has demonstrated that belief in all his occupations, from Christian ministry to alcohol and drug abuse counseling, from HIV/AIDS prevention & homelessness outreach, to employment counseling & advocacy for ex-offenders. But, the troubles that Cocomo has so long sought to help others get through now threaten his own survival. He needs your help.”

Please visit his page: CLICK HERE 

We will gather to raise funds for our dear friend Cocomo. Come with poetry, music, or prose. Let’s have a good time and help a friend!




ACTION ALERT!! SB 422: An Act Concerning The Public Water Supply!!



Only 1% of the water on earth is drinkable! Bloomfield is in a battle for their public water supply!! Niagara Bottled Water Company wants to pump 1.8 MILLION gallons of water from the citizens of Bloomfield’s public reservoir EVERY DAY FOREVER!! EVEN IN DROUGHT CONDITIONS!! The Bloomfield water issue, is the State of Connecticut’s issue too! SB 422: An Act Concerning Public Water will protect all of Connecticut’s public water supply from giant bottling companies!

Once a giant bottling company comes into our state and local towns, it is impossible to get rid of them! The time is now to TAKE ACTION!

YOU can help our state and the residents of Bloomfield protect OUR water by CALLING your local state reps and ask them to support SB 422: An Act Concerning Public Water. This is easy to do, and will protect our precious natural resource. FIND YOUR STATE REPS HERE!! 

Water is a human right! Water is not a commodity for corporations to get rich!

Our water, WE THE PEOPLE!

Click here to listen to last nights show with Val Rossetti and Mark Saunders of Bloomfield, to learn more about SB422 and bottle water in our backyards.


The Middletown Music Festival

August 5-7 at Middlesex Community College,

100 Training Hill Road, Middletown, CT!

Let’s welcome back,

Belle of the Fall horizontal jpeg

They have an AWESOME new record too! “Earth Bound” being released on April 5th! Visit them online!  Belle of the Fall

Cast of Characters:


Tracy Walton- 2014 and 2015 New England Music Award nominee Best Male Performer. An accomplished bassist and songwriter who has written for Alfred Books and taught at the National Guitar Workshop.


Julia Autumn Ford- CT Music Award Nominee Best New Artist 2014 and Song of the Year 2015. Her debut solo album has gained her well deserved attention as a singer of rare talent. “It’s almost freakish how good she sings. I watched her and it was hard to process that it was actually coming out of her mouth.” Joe Michelini, River City Extension.

Weapons of choice:

Julia – The obvious choice for lead singer in any situation, acoustic guitar, yukitar, occasional melodica.

Tracy- Upright bass, vocals, drums when back lined as he is not a fan of carrying things.

The Rise of Belle of the Fall:
In 2014 Tracy Walton produced Julia Autumn Ford’s debut album at his studio On Deck Sound Studio. In essence the record is somewhat the birth of Belle of the Fall, as Tracy plays all of the instruments on the record and Julia sings. Later that year they would tour the East Coast together sharing bills playing separate solo sets, with Tracy sitting in on some of Julia’s songs.

Sometimes an idea seems to simple so it takes a while for it to come to fruition. Simply put, two is often better than one. With Belle of the Fall it was as simple as an agreement of “All in.” The summer of 2015 was the right time for two forces to collide. 2016 finds the duo going strong with their debut album, “Earthbound” set to release on April 5th.


The 5th Annual Middletown Music Festival is supported by a grant from the


The 5th Annual Middletown Music Festival, August 5-7, at Middlesex Community College!

Let’s welcome Chaser 8 to The Middletown Music Festival!

“You can’t fake it because the music never lies. The creative connections musicians have always surface in their artistry—if the bonds are authentic, the music rings true.

North Haven, Connecticut rock quintet Chaser Eight writes lifestyle music—a soundtrack for ups and downs—because the group’s members live, and have lived, through its songs. Chaser Eight’s songwriting nucleus has a telepathic bond forged from having grown up together. Since they were 10 years old, Chaser Eight vocalist/songwriter *AUDRA*, and guitarist/songwriter Pat Walsh, have nurtured an astonishingly sympathetic artistic partnership.”


LIVE at SWAN DAY 2016!

Visit them online Chaser 8


The 5th Annual Middletown Music Festival is supported by a grant from the 1941412_242936305897520_598973807_o

VOICE of the CITY, airing Tuesdays from 8-9PM on WESU 88.1FM, Middletown

This week on VOICE of the CITY, we will be live with the residents of Bloomfield to discuss water in CT. Followed by local musical artists We’ve Got Rhythm.

Niagara Bottling wants to pump 1.8 MILLION gallons of water a day out of the public water supply in West Hartford, Bloomfield, and several other towns under the MDC, FOREVER. Even in drought conditions. The Bloomfield Town Council has already approved  it.

Right now there is a senate bill, SB 422, to prevent this from happening in Bloomfield, and anywhere else in CT.  This legislation will prevent other bottling companies from coming in and taking over the public water supply for their own profits.

LIVE and LOCAL… this ain’t no commercial radio!

Catch the Stream from anywhere

Visit our show archive here, VOICE of the CITY

For SB422, Click here

Hartford Courant article on Bloomfield and Niagara