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Cocomo Rock







How surreptitiously moves the maw of time
To consume one’s tenderest years.
First grade bells and first pierced ears
So soon whisked away, in uncharted flight.

Oh, that my little loves might linger.
Those kindly fictions I would implore
To stand guard against encroaching fear
As hale foliage fades, falls—
And warmth full forsakes this fragile light.

Too soon – frail flickers, all
Slip so swiftly thus, into silent night!

Copyright©2013 Cocomo Rock

All rights reserved.

Join us at The Buttonwood Tree on Sunday, April 17, from 3-5PM.

“In selfless service to others, Cocomo has put both his hands and his heart to work, supporting his belief in the power of indiscriminate, pure human kindness. He has demonstrated that belief in all his occupations, from Christian ministry to alcohol and drug abuse counseling, from HIV/AIDS prevention & homelessness outreach, to employment counseling & advocacy for ex-offenders. But, the troubles that Cocomo has so long sought to help others get through now threaten his own survival. He needs your help.”

Please visit his page: CLICK HERE 

We will gather to raise funds for our dear friend Cocomo. Come with poetry, music, or prose. Let’s have a good time and help a friend!