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Day: September 9, 2021

Yale New Haven Insider Exposes Doctors’ Misinformation

September 9, 2021

Yale is a famous institution with a renowned hospital known for the discovery of innovative medical practices that have saved lives and bettered humanity. However, Yale also has a dark history. From the Skull and Bones secret society of elites, to its founder being a racist slave trader. Yale University, named after Elihu Yale, the President of the East India Company in St George, India, was a slave owner and trader. A famous painting that hangs on the campus of Yale depicts him with a young boy with a chain around his neck.

It feels like there are chains of COVID around our necks now with mandated vaccination, masking, testing, restrictions and lockdowns, now being a requirement, or threatened, in order to work and live in society. If we lose control over our own bodies, we will become slaves for a perception of safety. There is no other freedom more important than bodily autonomy and informed consent. Yale New Haven is the primary teaching hospital for the Yale School of Medicine. Yale sets the precedent for common accepted medical practices.

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