Will You Sacrifice Your Baby For The Boogie Bug Jab?

Oh that’s just the new normal. You know? Where people rush out to get an experimental liability free product. Then take a selfie and broadcast it to the world while impelling others to do the same for everyone else’s sake that is. Don’t you care for others? “I wear my mask for you. I vaccinate for you.” Um, no thanks! I never asked you to. I’ll do me, and you do you. Since when did your neighbor become responsible for your health and vice versa?

Since when do healthy people spread disease, and take tests for illnesses they have no symptoms of? Since COVID that is! And now the only way the world can be saved, is with a mask and a vaccine. Throw in lockdowns, vaccine mandates and passports, and you got yourself a totalitarian regime. Are we in the United States? If I close my eyes and click my shoes three times, will I wake up from this dystopian nightmare?

Anyway, citizens are now expected to to give up their bodily autonomy to the government to be safe. How’s that ever worked out in history? Never mind anything else that keeps a human healthy, like their immune systems and what they put in their mouths, or how much fresh air and exercise they get. None of that matters.


The jab has ZERO liability and is made with a technology that has NEVER been given to humans. 

But never mind any of that.  

What could go wrong? It’s 95% effective, and safe, very, very safe and effective, according to the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies making the jabs, who are protected with complete indemnity if you’re injured or killed from the jab.  

But let’s just rush out and give it to kids. Nothing to see here folks. Just line up your young and healthy beautiful children for their experimental liability free jab, never before tested in humans till 6 months ago! You can trust the government and the industry that controls them through endless amounts of money and lobbying. You can trust them, the corporatists and their puppet politicians. It’s in your best interest. 

Or is it? 

Will you sacrifice your babies for the boogie bug jab!?