A Patchwork of Trails In The Sky

Tested Rain Water and What It Reveals and Actions You Can Take!

Yesterday I spoke with Pasha Ann, founder of, Citizens For Responsible Technology, who recently tested both her snow and rain water. What she found was pretty surprising and concerning. For years now Paska has been working hard to educate the public about the pollution we are seeing being sprayed from planes in the sky, and the dangers of electromagnetic energy. As a solutions minded woman, Paska has two Connecticut bills she would like to get hearings for in the legislature. AN ACT CONCERNING THE ADOPTION OF THE CLEAN AIR ACT IN CONNECTICUT. Introduced by Republican Senator Rob Sampson, and AN ACT CONCERNING SMALL CELL SITING AND SMART METER OPT-IN. Introduced by Democrat, David Michele. 

Paska would like to open the debate with a hearing, and for concerned citizen’s to be heard. Rick Aiello, a concerned citizen knowledgable about US law and the Constitution helped Paska craft affidavits that can be downloaded from Citizens For Responsible Technology, for people to send to the legislature.

It is no secret that our government, and governments throughout the world have been studying weather modification for decades. In 2008 the Chinese government was able to modify the weather for a political event.

The area of geo engineering and how the public perceives it is of great interest to the powers the be. A survey from 2017 dedicated an entire paper to this one question. 

Dustin Tingley and Gernot Wagner, break the respondents of the survey up along political affiliation, building charts to examine how the public perceives them. It is no conspiracy and the public is being studied and gaslight to accept the science of chemtrails also know as Solar Radiation Modification/SRM, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection/SAI, Albedo Modification, and GeoEngineering, which is now being discussed more in the mainstream media, and even praised as means to stop “climate change”, as the public grows more aware of the chemtrails and gray white haze the chemtrails form into. In another paper written written by Gernot Wagner, he boasted that SAI is a cheap means to help with climate change, but people would notice the the thousands of planes needed to spray the sky regularly, and though the full effects of SAI are not fully known, it’s okay because it will lower the temperature of the earth. 

The dimming of the sun hypothesis is based on large volcanic eruptions. Specifically the largest volcanic eruption in Mount Tambora in 1815. Located in Indonesia Mt Tambora lowered the earth’s temperature, causing a volcanic winter in the summer of 1816 that clouded out the rays of the sun with ash and debris. 1816 became infamously known as the year without a summer. With it came a famine from Europe to New England. The horror novel, Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelly, was inspired by living through the volcanic winter in the mountains of Switzerland. 

Recently here in Connecticut, UCONN had this to say about cloud seeding.

The next time someone says, oh that’s a conspiracy, tell them to look up!

UCONN Magazin

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