About Us

J Cherry Presents

We bring local arts, culture, and current events, to the airways, the stage in Connecticut, and worldwide on the web. Using video and audio technology as tools, we put a creative spin on the delivery of the arts and current events. Broadcasting is an integral part of our mission, not only as a means to reach people, but as an art form in it of its self.

Aside from performances, we will also bring educational opportunities via workshops, lectures, and interviews, by professionals in the community. On a seasonal basis, in our historic English style barn, the oldest barn of its kind still standing in Connecticut. We broadcast live concerts, festivals, interviews, and lectures, to the world-wide-web, or any www. that we can send a stream key to!  

Seasonally in our barn we host handcrafted and locally grown foods, as well as acoustic musical performances and workshops. By providing a platform for artists and creators, we help the economic development in our community through outreach, education, and performance.

Each week on our Podcast, “Below The Surface”, we stream content to the web featuring commentary on current events, live interviews with authors, scientists, artists, and free thinkers. From 2009 to 2020, we produced a radio program called, VOICE of the CITY, on WESU 88.1FM Middletown. Where we showcased many talented and creative people in Middlesex County and beyond.

Since 2011 we have produced The Annual Middletown Music Festival on the campus of Middlesex Community College. One of our core values is keeping our shows open to all by providing a free festival supported by donations and grants. Our belief is that music, arts, and culture, should be available to all. This year due to COVID, we will stream the festival from the Poorhouse Barn.

*We no longer produce the Middletown Music Festival. It was a great 10 years, and the time has come for us to move on.

Live and local…