Beware of The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Playing A Public Servant

Senator Norm Needleman recently boasted of legislation he is proud of. Who is this senator and how is he serving Connecticut?

Why do student athletes need special mental health services? Could it be that your COVID restrictions, and masking kids while playing sports, was and is cruel and unusual punishment. Not even the WHO recommends such restrictions when exercising or playing sports. In fact, the WHO warns against masking kids like this as it causes harm! “

“Children do not need to wear a mask when playing sports or doing physical activities, such as running, jumping or playing, as it may affect their breathing.” The World Health Organization 

But science doesn’t really matter when it comes to politics. All you need is a declaration, no data, no evidence, no inquiry. Just say it and voila, wear a mask, shut your business, take a medical product that is liability free, or lose your job. No discussion, no due process, just executive rule via fiat declarations. Legislators like Senator Norm Needleman happily support this style of government. Here’s a little history about the Democratic senator from the 33 district. Norm Needleman is a very wealthy man. He is CEO and founder of the company, Tower laboratories LTD, which generates over $50 million dollars a year, and employs close to 200 employees with three location, one being in Michigan. 

Tower Laboratories is a biotech company that produces effervescent products for over the counter and prescription medications and medical devices. In a 2015 interview with the Hartford Courant, Needleman boasted that Tower Laboratories is largest supplier of effervescent products in the country, and how he came up with the idea, 

“Needleman is leading the way to his other job as owner and president of Tower Laboratories, the largest producer of effervescent products in the United States, with three plants in Connecticut and one in Michigan.

The quest for a new effervescent product for Stern led to a partnership with a Pfizer engineer, and eventually to Needleman’s own company, Tower Labs, established in 1979. Originally located in Westerly, R.I., and Mystic, Tower moved to Essex in the early 1980s”. 

Along with his busy role as president of a multi million dollar company that he founded, Norm is the First Selectman of Essex. He took his 6th term as First Selectman unopposed in 2021. Since 2016 Needleman has spent a whooping $1,264,117., yes you read that right! He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money on three senate races totaling over a MILLION dollars! In 2018 he spent a little over $100k and lost the race. In 2018 he stepped up his game a lot and spent over $600k, out spending his opponent 4 to 1. Not only did Norm use his own money, he took the $94k in public subsidy money too that is available to all candidates. Norm Needleman made history by spending the most money EVER for a local senate seat! 

Why does a man like Norm Needleman want to serve as a local senator? He’d like us to think it’s an altruistic reason, that he is serving our state, giving back to the community, since he has done so incredibly well in life. The reality is that being a senator has some serious perks for a man of his wealth. Needleman, upon his election, immediately took leadership roles in two key committees as a freshman senator in 2018. He served as chair of the Energy and Technology, Committee, and Vice Chair of the Banking Committee. As a general rule most freshman senators do not get chair appointments. In Connecticut, power and money decide the committees you will get to be a chair, or even a member of. This is because Connecticut is infested with public, private, partnerships, that operate behind closed doors immune to the public’s right to disclosure, and the the Freedom of Information Act, also know as FOIA. 

When Covid hit, Senator Needleman’s business received a $2.75 million PPP loan in the Spring of 2020, and it is was paid in full by the taxpayers by the summer of 2021. Emergencies are great for business when you’re a senator. Must be nice to have a multi million dollar company and still get free money from the tax payers. All that money invested into a senate seat was well worth it for this kind of pay off. Norm is heading to big places in our legislature. In his short tenure he is still Chair of the the Energy and Technology Committee, he is also the Deputy President Pro Tempore as well being Vice Chair of Planning and Development Committee. Needleman also sits on the Commerce Committee, Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee, and the Transportation Committee. 

We can thank Senator Needlman for helping to pass “green energy” legislation to make our state carbon free by 2030. Sounds great, right? I mean who doesn’t want clean energy? The Green Bank of Connecticut is happy to help with all things green. The Green Bank generates what it calls debt capital, and then issues user fines and fees to the public via the legislature. This is how it works. Private investors give money to the Green Bank to finance projects for the state, because the state cannot finance it, well it could, but that’s another story. Then the Green Bank charges lots of interest, and makes mad money back for the private investors.

Now the state is in debt for whatever pet project the Green Bank financed. The debt just grows, never being paid, as there are always more projects. But no need to worry, tax payers will flip the bill, not with “taxes” per say,  but with user fines and fees. Taxes are not good optics for all this feel good “green” legislation that will neither save the environment, nor stop pollution. We can get into the reality of mining for precious rare earth metals for batteries, and the fact that solar panels and wind mills are not recyclable, and are made with rare earth metals that are non renewable, but some of our legislators refuse to allow an open debate and discourse on the topic of green energy. Senator Needleman refuses to address these issues. Instead, Needleman ignores his own constituents, many complain that the busy millionaire senator never responds to their messages or calls. Meanwhile, Eversource continues to raise their rates 30% incrementally as the energy giant purchases “renewable” energy from expansive and unreliable sources thanks to amendments made to Public Act No. 19-35, “An Act Concerning a Green Economy and Environmental Protection via HB 5002.

When Senator Needleman brags about the bills he is championing, the citizens of Connecticut would be wise to seriously questions the motives behind it. One thing I have learned living in Connecticut and dealing with millionaire politicians, is that they are very good at hiding their wealth and disguising how they benefit from their government positions. Our state will never improve with this kind of leadership. The local millionaire legislators are taking over the process that protects our rights and liberties. There is a trillion dollar industry in green technology and biotechnology. In fact, the state recently past a law exempting biotech companies for taxes. Norm has a cozy relationship with Pfizer, as do many of our senators and legislators holding leadership roles in our government. Norm is also benefiting from all the biotechnology perks Connecticut has to offer, and there are many! 

The mental health of our children, and our environment in Connecticut would do far better with real representation in Hartford. Norm Needleman does not have our best interest at heart, he has his own best interest at heart. If Needleman is re elected, we can expect exorbitant energy bills, mental health clinics in schools, lock downs, social emotional learning, masking, and lots of user fines and fees and new taxes. Beware of the slogan yielding politicians promoting the narrative of equity, inclusiveness, and climate change, they are truly wolves in sleep’s clothing! When a senator spends over a million dollars on a local senate seat, whose salary is a measly $28k a year, you have to ask why?

The Green Bank, the first of its kind in the country. A shinny new public, private, partnership, created in 2011. It is an investor’s dream come true. How are you feeling working class Connecticut!? You feeling equitable? Included? Happy and healthy with all this “clean energy”? I wonder where Norm sits here? Does he have investments in a trust or a fund connected to this Green Bank? Why is he the Vice Chair of Energy and Technology Commitee? Why is he Vice Chair of Planning and Development Committee, and a sitting member on the Commerce Committee, Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee, and the Transportation Committee.  All of these committees are connected to financing from the Green Bank. His position as Vice Chair gives him the power to introduce pet bill he wants, being a member gives him voting power.

Money is hidden from public scrutiny in a variety of ways. A popular scheme in CT and nationwide are funds and trusts. When money is in a trust or a fund, the members enjoy anonymity, and can hide their investments. The reason wealthy business men who are also politicians love business relationships with government, is they can yield huge amounts of wealth and power behind legislation promoted as a public benefit financed with debt capital. It’s all done privately with a fancy slogan that sells. It’s quite nefarious actually. Instead of buying politicians, the super wealthy just run for office and out spend their opponents. As a public, private, partnership, the Green Bank has proprietary rights to privacy over the public’s right to know. In the rich man club, you know how to play the game, smile for the camera, hide the money, and recite the narrative. It’s time to beat the rich man at his own game, or we will live in poverty, controlled by an elite aristocracy, in the guise of a Constitutional Republic, that operates as a wolf behind the shield of Public, Private, Partnerships . 

“The Connecticut Green Bank is the nation’s first green bank.* Established by the Connecticut General Assembly in July 2011, the Connecticut Green Bank supports the Governor’s and Legislature’s energy strategy to achieve cleaner, less expensive, and more reliable sources of energy while creating jobs and supporting local economic development. The Connecticut Green Bank evolved from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, which was given a broader mandate in 2011 to become the Connecticut Green Bank.

Our mission is to confront climate change and provide all of society a healthier and more prosperous future by increasing and accelerating the flow of private capital into markets that energize the green economy.

Our green bank model upended the government subsidy-driven approach to clean energy by working with private-sector investors to create low-cost, long-term sustainable financing to maximize the use of public funds. We continue to innovateeducate and activate to accelerate the growth of green energy measures in the residential (single and multifamily), commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructure sectors.”

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