Freedom Convoy In CT

On a chilly Wednesday in March, hundreds of people gathered at an overpass next to Cadillac Ranch in Southington, CT. People met up at chosen locations throughout the state to cheer on the Freedom Convoy as it drove by on its way to Washington D.C.

There were mothers, fathers, grandmas, and grandpas too. Smiling children were abundant. Against the clear blue skies, numerous American flags waved in the wind. They came together to stand for freedom. Their number one concerns are the government’s response to COVID.

From mandates, lockdowns, and masking of children for hours a day in school for two long years, this crowd had one thing in mind, and that is their inalienable rights to make decisions for themselves and their families. Never before has Connecticut been held in a state of an emergency, for this long, while the governor rules via executive fiat. Mandate after mandate has been met with huge consequences. Job loss, business loss, loss of health, loss of basic rights.

The media in Connecticut is largely funded by the State of Connecticut. We no longer have an objective and independent media. We have a media run by the party in power. This is not how a free society stays informed. While hundreds gathered all around the state, the governor said to ignore them! The media mis labeled people that gathered to support the convoy. In a reductive and divisive manner, calling people “Trump supporters and anti vaxxers,” using a photo with one lone Trump flag blowing in the wind to paint a picture of a narrative, not the actual event.

There were many people of all different backgrounds supporting the convoy. Labeling is a nasty trick used in propaganda to dismiss the greater argument, that people of all walks of life and political affiliations share, freedom and personal choice. By using this reductive tactic to play on emotions rather than the issues, it divides people, and that is purposeful. Take a listen to the governor’s disdain for his own constituents.

Many people in the state have no confidence in Governor Lamont. They say his administration is marred in controversy and corruption. From the firing of the Commissioner of the DPH, Rene Coleman – Mitchell, to Lamont’s wife’s venture capital firm, and SEMA4 a holding in her company, which provided most of the testing to the state’s public schools and state offices, not to mention to the general public. A no bid contract was given to SEMA4. Less than a year later the company went public with a 3 billion dollar valuation! Then there is the State Pier and the off shore wind farm. I could go on, but I already wrote an extensive article on the Lamont’s and corruption in CT. You can reach that here

Music Video of Freedom Convoy CT thru Southington!
Rock and Roll by Tim Sparks and J.Cherry and The Strawberries