Rep. Josh Elliott and Mandate Mania!

This is Representative Josh Elliott of the 88th district of Connecticut. He was newly appointed to the public health committee by in coming House Speaker Matthew Ritter. Ritter is a partner at Shipman and Goodwin LLP. House Speaker Ritter has said that it is his goal to make vaccination mandatory and to remove any and all exemptions to vaccinations for public and private school children. His first goal in 2021 is to remove the religious exemption for vaccination. He has stacked the public health committee to do it! 

Josh Elliott is the owner of two health food stores in CT and he was hand picked by Ritter to be on the public health committee. Elliott is a big advocate for mandatory vaccines. In this video he is advocating to have the controversial Gardasil shot mandated in 2018. Fortunately the bill was defeated!  

Josh Elliott was not vaccinated as a child. His mother was able to exercise her right to make an informed medical decision for her son. When Elliott became an adult he made the decision to get vaccinated. Now he wants to take parent’s rights away to make serious medical decisions and hand them over to the State of CT

Here’s a very disturbing fact about House Speaker Matthew Ritter. Ritter is a partner at Shipman and Goodwin and they are very active in the healthcare industry! Yup! Talk about conflicts of interest! 

The vaccine industry is a multi billion dollar arm of the pharmaceutical industry. Ritter and Elliott argue that there is no money in vaccines, that vaccines are safe and effective and injuries are extremely rare. They are woefully incorrect. According to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System also known as VAERS, is run by the federal government. 

Rep. Josh Elliott on HPV and a Mandated Gardasil Shot

The federal government has paid out over 4 billion dollars for vaccine injury. The 1986 Vaccine Injury Act gave blanket indemnity to manufactures of all vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule. That means if your child is injured by a vaccine you cannot sue the vaccine manufacturer. There is no torte law for vaccines on the childhood schedule! You have to go to a federal vaccine court which is not court at all.

The PREP Act of 2020 has indemnified all COVID 19 vaccines, therapies and procedures. This means you cannot sue if you are injured by the new experimental mRNA vaccine that has never been used in human beings until this year! Not only can you not sue the vaccine manufacturer, you cannot seek compensation from the government either! So if you’re injured there is no vaccine court for you. The COVID vaccine is in a class by itself in that regard. You will be left alone with all the costs that a vaccine injury can cause, and there will be no recourse for you, or your child!

Who is Shipman and Goodwin!? Well, this is part of what Shipman and Goodwin does, as quoted from their website: 

“Health care regulatory and compliance. We provide analysis and counseling on the full range of federal and state regulatory matters, including fraud and abuse, false claims, qui tam actions, anti-kickback, self-referral and other statutes, health information privacy and data security, licensure and credentialing, certificates of need, clinical research, and informed consent, competency and other ethical issues.”

Oh, you don’t have kids, so it does not affect you!? Think again!! They want to mandate the COVID vaccine to EVERYONE! 

Do you want the State of Connecticut to be your doctor? A doctor you cannot say no to?