The Medicalization of Identity

When my son was about five years old a little boy in our homeschool coop and hiking club wore long hair, and loved to play with the girls. He sometimes wore dresses. This boy preferred my daughters and the other girls in the coop to playing with other boys. No one worried about it, the kids played. One day at coop the little boy had a new name, and became a little girl. My son was very shook up about this. He was five years old and expressed his honest feelings. He worried that if his hair grew long he could turn into a girl too! Everyone is different I explained, “Don’t worry baby, you’re not going to turn into a girl. It’s okay, some boys have long hair and are confident in being a boy.”

I do not know what causes gender dysphoria. All I could tell my children is that every human being is unique. It’s okay to be different. “Mommy, boys cannot become girls, can they?” 

No, they cannot I said frankly. Be kind to all people. We do not have to understand what makes a person who they are, but we have to understand that all human beings have the inalienable right to live life without persecution. Twelve years later I reflect back on this time and how my son was so confused. All he needed was an honest conversation with his parents, and he was good to go. All the kids played and the little boy assimilated into the coop as a girl. Life went on. The last time I saw the boy, was in a social media post. He was wearing a dress and still assimilated as a girl. I felt sad for him. It cannot be easy to feel this way while navigating through a complexity of medical choices at such a young age. Sex does not define your identity. The reality of this affirmation leads to double mastectomies and castration. The only way a boy or girl can change the appearance of their biological sex is with drugs and surgery. There are some transgender people that do not use drugs or surgery, they are extremely rare. 

Johns Hopkins, Center For Transgender Health

In the process of trying to be tolerant and open, society is closed and binary. Why does a boy have to become a girl if he wants to wear a dress and likes feminine things? Why can’t we just let the child be? Maybe the child is a feminine male. Maybe the “tom boy” is just a masculine girl. Not all women wear dresses and makeup. Body dysphoria can stem from trauma, and mental distress, and a host of other societal things, like the internet, access to pornography, chat rooms, and social engineering via social media. What the children need is a compassionate level of care where they can explore why they want to change their body, and what that really means in a physical reality.

Do otherwise healthy children need drugs, surgery, and affirmation? What happens in transgender medical care? The first step is going to a gender clinic. There the child will have gender affirming counseling and will be prescribed puberty blockers and cross sex hormones. Some of the kids are as young as 10 years old when they are put on these puberty blockers. What are puberty blockers any way? According to the Mayo Clinic, 

“Use of GnRH analogues pauses puberty, providing time to determine if a child’s gender identity is long lasting. It also gives children and their families time to think about or plan for the psychological, medical, developmental, social and legal issues ahead.

If an adolescent child decides to stop taking GnRH analogues, puberty will resume and the normal progression of the physical and emotional changes of puberty will continue.”

The arrogance of any medical profession that proclaims stopping puberty is no big deal is astonishing!  Puberty is a major biological process the human body needs to develop the brain, muscles, bones, and fertility. Puberty is also a very difficult time for adolescents. I cannot believe doctors are prescribing these drugs to healthy children with functional sex organs and then turn around and call it healthcare.  

“If children with male genitalia begin using GnRH analogues early in puberty, they might not develop enough penile and scrotal skin for certain gender affirming genital surgical procedures, such as penile inversion vaginoplasty. Alternative techniques, however, are available.

In addition, delaying puberty beyond one’s peers can be stressful. Your child might experience lower self-esteem.”

Mayo Clinic
ZOLADEX Drug Insert

These medications are injected, some are devices implanted into the body of growing, and besides dysphoria, healthy children. The current attitude in the mainstream medical industrial complex is that you must affirm! This is a life threatening condition that needs swift medical intervention! Is it? The surgeries performed on teenagers is shocking, with profoundly irreversible consequences. Imagine if your daughter wanted breast implants. Would you and society cheer that on?

Suppose she said she would die, was depressed, and a clinician told you that you had to let her do it to save her life? Seems so far fetched, yet this is what is happening in a reverse way. Young girls are having bilateral double mastectomies which is marketed as “top surgery” in an effort to make them look like the sex they identify with. Their nipples are removed, some are sewn back on, some are not. Some are mis matched. The photos I have seen are brutal and hard to fathom. If a young man has a vaginoplasty he will have to dilate the neo-manmade-vagina for the rest of his life to keep the canal that is supposed to be the vaginal cavity from closing. The level of side effects after this procedure is terrifying and grotesque. People are now coming out with horrendous stories of botched bottom and top surgery, and a life of pain with a mutilated body forever. The system failed these people. Instead of teaching those with gender dysphoria to love their natural body as they are. Gay, straight, masculine, or feminine, society is teaching them they are flawed and need drastic measures to live.

ZOLADEX Drug Insert

How. On. Earth. Are. We. Here? 

Boys are given puberty blockers that shrink their penises into micro penises. Girls are having their breasts removed, and total hysterectomies before they even reach 20! What does that do to their sexual health and fertility? How can a child decide such life altering interventions they cannot comprehend? How can adults enable it? This is the first in a series of articles I am writing about transgender affirmation and the medical industrial complex that supports it. Have you heard about De- transitioners?


What Is Top Surgery?

Top surgery is a general term to describe an operation that changes the look of a trans person’s chest.

Because breasts are associated with female bodies, trans men or people who were assigned to be female at birth might want to have their breasts removed or significantly reduced in size. On the other hand, trans women or people who were assigned to be male at birth but identify as more feminine can choose to have breast augmentation surgery to create a fuller figure.

FTM/N Top Surgery

FTM/N top surgery involves a subcutaneous mastectomy (breast tissue removal) with nipple areola repositioning and chest wall contouring.