Soresto Flea Collar Made My Dog Sick!

A healthy Emmett

I am not an all or nothing kind of person. I feel pharmaceuticals have their place. I always look at the benefits vs the risk ratio. Here’s the problem. The pharmaceutical industry is not honest! Recently I made the choice while ignoring a strong voice inside me saying NO!! Don’t do it!! Here’s the story. I live in the woods and I hike everyday with my dogs. Keeping ticks off of my dogs is not easy!! I have tried many different products, some all natural, some chemicals. A few years ago a friend recommended the Seresto Flea and Tick collar by Bayer. I used it and had great success! Not a flea, nor a tick!! Dogs were happy and healthy.

This year I heard some stories of pets being harmed by the collar. I did some research and it appeared that only small dogs and cats where getting ill from the collar. Immediately I did want to use it again!! But nothing I was using worked like the Seresto collar. So I justified in my head that the collars hurt small dogs because the dosage of flea and tick chemical was too much. I felt that ticks could cause my dog more harm than the bug poison in the collar, and I had success for several years and no ill effects!

Emmet not feeling himself two weeks after collar. Removed today 4.22.21


After a couple of weeks of wearing the Seresto collar my dog is not well! I am hoping we caught it in time, and can detox the poison from his body. Since removing the collar there is already improvements!! He is eating and drinking, but having trouble getting up and moving. He was able to go outside and do his business. Now I come to find out there is a class action lawsuit against Soresto, and congress wants Bayer to remove the product from the market! Bayer says millions of people are using their product and it’s just fine, and all the sickness and death associated with the collar is anecdotal! Sound familiar!?

The EPA and FDA has sided with industry and has done NOTHING to make Bayer pull this dangerous product! Come to find out all the trials done for the Soresto collar where done by none other than Bayer! Bayer has sold it’s dog collar to a new company, Elanco. The moral of my story is, I should have trusted my freaking gut! How many times will I continue to learn this lesson!? I hope this is the last time! Our regulatory agencies are in bed with industry! I know this! Yet I still got burned. Nothing will change until we hold big pharmaceuticals accountable, and we revamp our regulatory agencies so that they do their job and protect people from bad products not vice versa!