The Great Reset

There is a lot of discourse online, but I wonder how many people actually get up and take action at the local level? You know? After all, it is the state that you live in that effects your life the most via the laws that they pass. 

My worry is that most people have not stepped foot inside their Capitol building since their school field trip. Civic is no longer taught in school, and that is by design. 

We have come to a place in our society where ideas trump reality and most folks are oblivious as to how their local government functions, or who their local representatives are. 

As we enter a realm of ideologic governance, the powers that be are planning to devoid you of every right you have, for the greater good that is. Sounds good, eh? 

Don’t you care about everyone? Your freedom is not that important. Freedom is selfish! Or is it? One must ask, WHO? Who decides what is best for the greater good? 

According to the World Economic Forum, run by billionaire elites like Klaus Schwab, we will all be equally poor! Of course that is not the language he uses. He uses propaganda that sounds so ideal, inclusivity, equality, the greater good, climate change, and all things green.  

Schwab and his buddy Bill Gates are not giving up their planes, their numerous mansions, their vehicles, their extremely large bank accounts. No, they have no plans to distribute their billions to the world to end hunger and poverty, which they could do and still be ridiculously rich! Doesn’t that tell you something? 

While you argue about red or blue, these clowns are executing their plans via local state governments, thereby squeezing out every bit of freedom citizens have. Town by town, state by state, there will be no more local governance. It will be rulers of regions all around the the United States.

“You’ll own nothing and be happy”, according to the World Economic Forum, “You will rent everything you need.” Who would you be renting everything you need from? Will Gates and Schwab give up everything too?

Of course not! We The People are just human capital to them! We are nothing more than a herd of cattle to the class of super rich. We are both a commodity, and a liability to the share holder capitalist! 

Bill Gates has bought up a TUN of prime local farmland across the United States. This farmland sits upon aquifers. Gates is a huge advocate of climate change. He also plans to block the sun, to save the planet ya know! Before I go further, the climate has ALWAYS been changing. Do humans need to curtail pollution? Why yes!! It starts with the military industrial complex and foreign policy. You cannot save the earth and manufacture weapons of mass destruction, or use bombs, or drones to kill, et cetera. Military should be for defense, not world domination.

Where has common sense and critical though gone? 

This elite cabal of billionaires use “climate change” as a means to create economic hardships upon the people. How so? Climate taxes, green new deal tax, energy tax, fuel tax. People in Connecticut have been hit very hard with green new deal legislation for electricity, which has driven electrical rates through the roof. A mileage tax is being proposed, as is a regional gas tax, on top of the gas tax and the list of green taxes goes on. Soon they’ll tax you to breathe! They already forced you to wear a mask! 

This is the diabolical point, to kill the middle class, to make all people equally poor via taxes and regulations. It’s for a good cause though. You’ll own nothing and be happy after all. 

Combine Climate Change and COVID lockdowns, and you have the recipe to “Build Back Better” aka “The Great Reset”.  Except it won’t be good for you, actually. You’ll be eating GMOs and bugs, because eating meat is not an option anymore in the new normal! Meat will be a treat according to Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. 

But that’s not the super scary part. You will eat lab grown food covered in chemicals, it’s all for the climate, so shut up you selfish fool! The water you drink, well that will be treated with more fluoride and other mind numbing chemicals. But that’s okay, you’re just human capital, I mean human cattle! 

You will not own property, the lockdowns are killing the economy, and your ability to maintain your property and afford it. This is global by the way. The economy is dying, and so too are your rights and freedoms. But Gates and Schwab and their class of billionaire elites are doing spectacularly! Their wealth has TRIPLED!! Think about that for a moment! 

Once you lose the ability to maintain a roof over your head, and you survive lockdowns, quarantines, and mRNA drugs, you’ll be relocated to a “smart city” to live in a pod and rent from the billionaires everything you need. This is the Great Reset, this is the coming of the dark ages where most of humanity will be slaves to billionaires who will own everything including you! 

Now is the time to get up and take action. At the end of the day, we are many and they are few. Do not be afraid of cancel culture, or losing friends blinded by propaganda, hopefully they’ll come around, but you cannot wait for them! 

It is time for all of us to safeguard our rights and freedoms!! It’s not selfish to refuse to be part of the Great Reset, it is survival outside of tyranny!! The Great Reset will usher in the Great Dark Age of Slavery! 

May we be the GREAT RESISTANCE! ✊❤️