The Hackable Human

Is free will a thing of the past?

“Some governments and corporations, for the first time in history have the power to hack human beings. There is a lot of talk about hacking computers and bank accounts, but the big story of our era is the ability to hack human beings. By this I mean, if you have enough data, and computing power, you can understand people better than they understand themselves, and then you can manipulate them in ways which were previously impossible…” Yuval Noah Harari, Professor, Department of History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Yuval Noah Harari, a New York Times best selling author, praised and revered by former president, Barack Obama, and FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Harari is the philosopher and guru of an elitist class of billionaires that run the world. Harari is also a close adviser to Klaus Schwab, the founder of The World Economic Forum, a global organization that represents public, private, partnerships. Venture capital firms are a major part of governments throughout the United States, most people do not realize this, and they should. Every state in the nation, and many countries abroad, are affected by policies supported and manufactured by the WEF and the venture capital power behind it.  They’re the architects of, The Fourth Industrial Revolution and The Great Reset, also known as Build, Back, Better.

Venture capitalism fuels the the world. From healthcare to fintech, the new gold rush is data. The gold is your genetic code, your DNA.  In the new world being designed for The Fourth Industrial Revolution, human DNA and technology are a crucial part of the infrastructure. The right to privacy and public health now stand at odds in the quest for biometric security. AI and machine learning are paving the way into a future that looks more like science fiction than reality.  Massive venture capital firms are buying up the technology, the data,  the AI, and governments are helping them do it with both taxpayer funds, and citizen’s DNA. Sema4 located in Stamford, Connecticut was founded in 2017 with help from the state government under then governor, Dan Malloy. 

“The Department of Economic and Community Development is providing the company a $6 million loan to purchase equipment and machinery, make capital improvements and create the jobs. Part of the loan would be forgiven if certain milestones are met. DECD provided Sema4 a $9.5 million loan in 2015 to create 145 jobs.prides itself on patient centered intelligence company.” AP NEWSWIRE April 6, 2018

Sema4 was spun from Mount Sinai Genomics, and was one of the largest COVID 19 testing providers in the State of Connecticut. Sema4 went public in July 2021 with a $3 billion valuation. Later that year amid controversy over Annie Huntress Lamont’s venture capital firm, Oak HC/FT, Sema4 pulled out of a state testing contract and stopped testing during the Omicron variant when Connecticut was testing excessively. The Lamonts claim they will give all profits made from their Sema4 holding to charity. The public will never know if they do or they don’t. The Lamonts are experts at hiding their wealth. See my article, Governor Lamont and The Lost Constitution State. The sad reality is, this is how public private partnerships work. No bid contracts, deals behind closed doors, favors and rewards. It’s so bad that the State of Connecticut gave a no bid contract to the Boston Consulting Group in May of 2020 and it was discovered that the data of private Connecticut citizens was being sold. Nothing happened. The media basically ignored it.

 “Why has Connecticut spent 72 million dollars on media and public relations for COVID? Did you know that Lamont hid a contract that Josh Geballe signed with the Boston Consulting Group on May 9, 2020? The contract gave BCG access to the data of every citizen in Connecticut.  Lamont hired BCG to help with the re-opening of Connecticut for a cool two million dollars. There was no public bidding, the public did not even get to see the contract.”

Connecticut is riddled with deep corruption, and the press is silent.  We cannot say we do not know why. The press is being paid to ignore major stories of interest to the public. Another no bid contract with Sema4 recently revealed that the Department of Public Health contracted with Sema4 to provide Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) of positive COVID samples. This is not a COVID test, but a genome test.

According to the CDC,

Genomic Sequencing: Scientists use a process called genomic sequencing to decipher the genetic material found in an organism or virus. Sequences from specimens can be compared to help scientists track the spread of a virus, how it is changing, and how those changes may affect public health.” 

On its surface this seems reasonable.  Why not get the genome sequence of a virus to see what it is doing? However, why is the State of Connecticut not disclosing this to the public? What else is being sequenced? Is human DNA being sequenced? Where is the information stored and for how long? Who has access it to it? 

According to the CEO of Sema4 Eric Schadt on genomic data, AI and machine learning,  “You can think of it like the Amazon model” says Schadt. “If we understand you better than the health system, we’re going to help match you with better tests and medical products. Combined with similar data from a research partnership with Mount Sinai and information scraped from public biomedical repositories, Schadt says Sema4’s database today exceeds 10 million patients.”

What information is being scraped from public repositories and what else can be done with that information?

Besides COVID, Sema4 specializes in genomic prenatal and oncology testing. From this testing they have built up a large genomic database. Interestingly, Beijing Genomics, a company in China, also specialized in prenatal and oncology testing, 

“Beijing Genomics Institute, now know as, BGI Group, the women did not know, their data would be stored forever, and that the test was collecting everything it could from the mother and the baby. The women were told that their data would be kept for a period of time, and they were only looking at prenatal abnormalities, it would remain confidential, and that they could request to destroy it at anytime. Not only did BGI get DNA from women in China, they did so in other parts of the world too. According to Reuters, 

“Shenzhen-based BGI shot to global prominence last year after selling or donating millions of COVID-19 test kits and gene-sequencing labs outside China. U.S. security agencies warned this was part of an effort to collect large amounts of foreign genetic material. BGI said this year it has built 80 COVID-19 labs in 30 countries, which it plans to repurpose for reproductive health screening. It says its COVID-19 tests do not collect patient DNA. But its prenatal tests do.”

Could this be the case with Sema4? What exactly are they sequencing from the COVID tests? China also collected genomic DNA from COVID tests that were sent around the world. iHealth, a rapid COVID test the State of Connecticut purchased in early 2022 was made in China. Did that test collect DNA? Are COVID tests from Sema4 also collecting DNA? Are COVID tests in general collecting DNA?  What can be done with all this genetic data anyway? 

Let’s take a look at China to see the future of what life could look like in a biometric security state. According to Reuters. 

“China’s collection and analysis of the DNA of its Uyghur Muslim population – including systematic collections of samples from residents in Xinjiang – has drawn sharp criticism. The United States sanctioned two BGI subsidiaries last year for what it called China’s “abusive DNA collection and analysis schemes to repress its citizens.” BGI denied it was involved in any human rights abuses in Xinjiang. China’s foreign ministry said health check-ups of Uyghurs there did not collect biological information such as DNA.”

Thermo Fischer Scientific, an American company also closely tied to Annie Lamont, aided the Chinese government with the technology to process genomic data and surveil the population of China in ways that were never before imagined. Thermo Fischer Scientific and Sema4 are all under CM Life Sciences, Casdin Capital, Life Sciences Investments. Where one venture capital firm ends another begins. It’s like a giant blob ultimately owned by three major investment firms, BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard. Many of the bio tech companies, if not all, are sharing research and development with the Chinese government. China allows the giant bio tech companies to experiment in ways not possible in the west. Since COVID, countries in the west have adopted China’s strict COVID policies, lock downs, masking, medical mandates, and biometric surveillance. All these measures started in China with the aid of United States bio tech business leaders, venture capitalists, and government. 




  1. the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts.”failure in the war on poverty discredited technocracy”

Venture capitalism and crony politicians are leading humanity into unprecedented technological waters where big tech and big business could lead humanity into a digital dictatorship. Will free will be a thing of the past? Will our own genomic data be used to enslave and surveil us? Where does bodily autonomy fit into a world where human beings can be hacked?

“We need to reinvent democracy for this new era in which humans are hackable animals. You know the whole idea that humans, they have this, this, soul or spirit, and they have free will to choose. Whether in an election, or whether in the supermarket is my free will? That is over!”  Yuval Noah Harari


Sema4 Testing,%20Sema4.pdf,%20Sema4.pdf

When a woman takes any of Sema4’s tests she is walked through a multistep consent process that make it clear how the company would like to use the genetic information from both her and her unborn child for research and provides opportunities for opting out. In return, Sema4 says it will provide her with more personalized recommendations for accessing care tailored just to her. “You can think of it like the Amazon model” says Schadt. “If we understand you better than the health system, we’re going to help match you with better tests and medical products.

Combined with similar data from a research partnership with Mount Sinai and information scraped from public biomedical repositories, Schadt says Sema4’s database today exceeds 10 million patients. Hundreds of thousands of them are women who’ve had babies, a patient population that has not been historically well-studied (pregnant women are still excluded from clinical trials, for example). Now Schadt is using Sema4’s data to try to understand and predict what makes some women more susceptible to some of the dangerous conditions that can unexpectedly co-occur with pregnancy, including preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and preterm birth. Mount Sinai is embarking on a prospective clinical study to see if Sema4’s models can accurately identify women who will develop such conditions and improve both mom and baby’s chances of staying healthy through the pregnancy.

In the meantime, Schadt will keep collecting as much data as women will give his company. Sema4 is currently changing the methods on all their reproductive testing products to an increasingly common so-called low-pass whole genome sequencing approach, which will create a very rough sketch of the fetus’s genome, including which genes came from which parents. They’ll only report back to parents on the disorders covered in whichever test they order. But all the data will feed back into Sema4’s genetic research bank. Data from patients who’ve consented to sharing for research purposes can be accessed by Sema4’s industry partners, including pharmaceutical companies, for a fee; academics can collaborate free of charge.

Does Schadt worry that his competitors will start offering screens for less and less serious diseases, potentially siphoning off this valuable datastream? “Yeah. If I could generate every molecule of data on everybody on Earth I’d do it.” But he’s not yet ready to start selling frivolous genetic forecasts just to elbow out adversaries. He says for now Sema4 is sticking to only reporting on genetic diseases that parents can do something about—whether that’s early treatment or termination of a pregnancy.