Vira Sharav, Holocaust Survivor

Vera Sharav, founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, and a holocaust survivor, has much wisdom on the subject of bodily autonomy and human rights.

Do you think it is okay for the government to mandate medical procedures against your will? Do you want to have proof that you had a vaccine to travel, to work, to go to the hospital, to send your children to school? Will that keep you safe?

What made a modern society like Germany turn into such a brutal state where medical experimentation, and mass genocide of innocent people was okay?

How did Germans ever accept concentration camps? I wonder so much about the Nazis and the German people that allowed the Nazis to rule.

NYS has a bill A416, and this bill forcibly detains people in camps in NYS. Not only would citizens be subjected to detainment, but they would also be subjected to vaccination and treatment, EVEN IF THEY REFUSE!

Here in CT, the legislature is preparing to strip the religious exemption to vaccination away from school children.

Does the state decide what goes into your body? If so, are you still a free human being?

History has a lot to teach us.

Vere Sharav