Woman of the Year?!

A man is a better woman than a woman… And man can be GOD. That is a lie, a trick of the darkness, Nature is God and humanity is the child of God, in nature’s image. Let us look at this for a moment shall we… So that it is clear this is not religious ideology, but the law of Nature. 

No mortal can say definitively where life begins nor when and where it ends. We are just here, where we are born into a physical body that is either male or female. Very rarely a baby is born  with both physical male and female parts. That is a whole other issue, and again, it is nature not man deciding this. Man may step in and either help or hurt this child. It would be wise to let the child grow into maturity and then decide what they want to have or not have happen to their bodies. 

Our bodies are a biological fact. Popular culture wants to change this. Man is so smart that he can mold anyone into anything. Perhaps he can, but what has he molded? A vagina is from nature, a penis is from nature. These are vital and precious sexual organs and should never be tampered with. Manmade sexual organs are problematic! 

Tampering with these parts of the body will some day be seen for what it is, barbaric. Man thinks he can determine what is a biological fact via pharmaceutical chemicals and surgery. He cannot. 

The pharmaceuticals to alter natural sex come with very serious side effect. Thousands of people are coming out as detrans. Meaning they are transitioning back to their natural sex. The saddest part is, they are young and permanently disfigured, many are sterile. They are ridiculed and ignored. Why? Many now wish they were not encouraged to transition into the opposite sex, they regret not getting to the core of their dysphoria. They regret the permanent changes to their bodies. There is no going back once you cut the precious organs. How on earth has this been normalized!? 

Some destraitoners are now fighting back and suing. Poor souls, nothing will give them back what they lost because society went mad! 

Man is not God, nature is. 

Informed consent is a human right. No child should be altered in any manner be it chemical or surgical. All adults electing to have experimental sex change surgery or chemical sex change hormones should be given full informed consent and be educated about the blackbox warnings of said drugs and surgery.